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Picture of the Month



In Memoriom

Windswept Moonshine    "Shiner"

February 8, 1982 -  April 7, 2009

My sweet, wonderful  Shiner  -  I will love and miss you forever.







This beautiful dark bay mare is “Shiner” my first horse.  Windswept Moonshine is a Lippitt Morgan whose bloodlines go way back to include famous sires such as Ulendon, Upway Ben Don and Cornwallis.  She was born in Oregon by Middland Majestic out of Windswept Vera on February 8, 1982. 

Most of Shiner’s young history is lost to me; however, I do know that prior to being (essentially) abandoned (along with her daughter, Rainbow’s Dream Chaser) in Santa Cruz, CA, she was trained for and used as a Search and Rescue horse.  Somewhere around 1998, she officially became a broodmare for a Morgan farm.  She produced two more beautiful fillies (VCF Moonshine and VCF Midnight Magic) in 1999 and 2001.  Iin the spring of 2002, I decided to make her mine.

Prior to bringing her home to Starshine Ranch, I bred her to the famous Morgan World Champion, Cedar City Penbrook.  Then, I asked her to teach me to ride and for the next 10 months we worked diligently to make me a horsewoman and get her into the best shape possible for her upcoming delivery.  She did her job well, all the way around. 

On the trail, she was sure-footed and dependable as she walked out with the speed of a very young horse.  She never tired and would go anywhere I asked.  I was never fearful when I was riding her.  In the paddock and around the barn, she was polite and respectful and, in the spring of 2003, she delivered her last (and I do believe her best) filly, Ostara D’Penbrook.

Shiner was a great first horse and a superbly attentive “mom.”  She only stands 14.3 hands but with her quiet, alpha personality, she can measure up to any equine.  She is now the retired “babysitter” of my two young mares.  I was truly blessed when she came into my life.




In this picture, Shiner is 25+ years old and is doing one of her 80 – 90 exercise laps.



Introducing, Ostara D'Penbrook.  Born March 30, 2003 (03-30-03) and the last filly out of my mare, Shiner.  She was sired by the magnificent, Cedar City Penbrook and is also his last filly.  She is absolutely everything I asked for and was a pleasure and a great thrill to raise.   She is full of personality; silly, playful, polite, sweet and intelligent and, at almost 5 1/2 years old, she  is proving to be a wonderful trail horse and "buddy."



  In this picture, Stara is almost 4 years old and is close to 15.2 hands. 




Meet VCF Midnight Magic.  "Midnite" was born May 21, 2001 out of Windswept Moonshine by Cedar City Penbrook.  She's Shiner's third filly and Stara's full sister.  I met Midnite when she was 5 months old and began to handle her before she was a yearling.  Knowing her like I do now, I'm sure she picked me out at the same time that I fell in love with her.  She was 2 1/2 before I finally made the commitment but I'm so glad I did.  Midnite is a very sweet, people-loving horse.  At the trailhead, she is the gentle horse that initiates puppies, children and babies.  On the trail, she is the go anywhere, do anything and "let's get going" horse with a heart as big as they come.  And in the paddock, well, one of her nicknames is "Drucilla" and my lovely Shiner is no longer the alpha mare.



In this picture, Midnite is 6 years old, 15.2 hands and just so much fun to ride.  Another of her nicknames is " Beauty."

Midnite asked to be this month's picture so that for Halloween she could masquerade as a Freisian.


This is my very favorite Christmas photo of all time.  We all went for a neighborhood walk after the pictures were taken.




This stunning head shot belongs to Mainwaring’s Tribute to Rufus.

Tribute, a.k.a. Trib, is an 18-hand Shire stallion, who is sweet and fun-loving and belongs to Lynda and Doug Fletcher but is staying here at Starshine Ranch for a short while.

Trib is 8 years old, close to 2000 pounds, wears a size 8 shoe, drives, rides and is available for breeding.

Trib’s sire is Ricshar Prince Zaetar, by Folly Farm’s Grey Forrester and his dam is Cole’s Lonesome Dove, by Big Foot Rebel Without A Cause.

We’ll have more pictures of Tribute as time goes by, or you can click on Baroquelegacies.com for more information and his gallery.


In honor of the Draft Horse Classic in Grass Valley, CA, we are again featuring the beautiful Shire stallion

Mainwaring’s Tribute to Rufus.

"Trib" now resides in Grass Valley and this picture was taken at his second in-hand showing at the Classic when he was 3 years old.


Stara at almost 3 1/2 years old.

Too cute for words!   These butts belong to "Sally" and her darling filly "Sugar" about 3 days aftr Sugar was born.  (Sugar is only pretending to eat hay.)  Sally is a champion reining horse who also performed for 5 years with the world famous CALIFORNIA COWGIRLS DRILL TEAM.  Sugar is currently being trained in reining and is expected to go to the World Championship Reining competitions.  She is the sweetest little Appaloosa you'll ever want to meet.

  Good Luck Sugar!  and   Happy Thansiving to All!


Merry Christmas to all of you from "Stara"

and all of us at Starshine Ranch.



Check out this impressive "blanket!"  At 5 years old, "Marshall Dillon" was just beginning his jumping career when he was purchased by my good friend, Ginger, to be used as an eventing horse.  Plans changed and Dillon, now 8, is going to school at Hocking College in Ohio and is being trained and utilized in a wonderful program that is underwritten by the Department of Forestry for students studying to be Forest Rangers, Dude Ranch workers, Farriers, Trail Guides and a host of other outdoor equine carrers. 

It's probably fate that his career changed since his sire, Gray Ghost, was a Colorado Ranger.  Dillon is a registered foundation Appaloosa and his registered name is Sir Spotted Eagle.

Good Luck to you, Dillon.  We hope you enjoy chasing cows and roaming the trails as much as jumping poles.


Meet "BEN " born, Misty's Benedicts in 1986, the tail end (and only colt) from a long line of wonderful horses that began on the Eastern Oregon Range.  Ben's a real charmer, a humorous character and quite a remarkable horse.  At five, he and his owner, Penny, rode 2000 miles from St. Joe, Missouri, across the Great Divide, to Virginia City.  In 2001, he rode the Pony Express/X/P endurance ride and, in June, will embark on another adventure to celebrate Oregon's 150 years of statehood  -  Ben and Penny have been asked to carry the American flag in a parade through Jacksonville, OR.

Cudos to "Ben" (and Penny) for some outstanding riding and we sure hope there will be many more wonderful rides to come.

You will see more of Ben this year and, so as not to keep his lovely face a secret, check him out below. 

(p.s.  Ben has a black forelock, white mane and black tail  -  how's that for charm!)